Who Is Monique Miglia? Virginia Deputy Attorney General Resigns After Jan 6 Protest Praises Found On Facebook Post


Whenever The Washington Post delivered pictures of Monique Miles’ past remarks, the Virginia head legal officer’s office became mindful of them. Individuals are interested with regards to her own life, which is as yet confidential, while the issue is dynamic.

Who Is Monique Miglia? Virginia Deputy Attorney General Wikipedia Monique Miglia is the previous appointee principal legal officer. In a progression of Facebook posts that crossed months, she advanced fake fear inspired notions about electoral cheating and constituent interfering. Her age seems, by all accounts, to be in her mid forties, despite the fact that her real date of birth is obscure.


The Attorney General of Virginia is a naturally chosen chief situation in the state administration of Virginia. Soon after an official political decision, lawyers general are picked for a four-year residency. There are no limitations based on the number of conditions an individual can fill in as principal legal officer.

Miglia gives off an impression of being an extremely cryptic individual, as she has not revealed any private data about herself. Monique Miglia Husband And Family Monique Miglia’s own data has not been distributed; thusly, it is muddled whether or not she is hitched.

It is challenging to say in the event that she has youngsters since her significant other’s personality is obscure. She has not given any of her own data, including her folks’ names.

Facebook Post: Why Did Monique Miglia Resign? As indicated by the paper, Monique Miles, the previous representative principal legal officer, likewise lectured bogus paranoid fears about electoral misrepresentation and discretionary contribution in a progression of Facebook remarks that extended months. The authenticity of the posts was laid out by four individuals who collaborated with Miles on Facebook.

Since The Washington Post examined the workplace regarding Facebook posts, she made cheering agitators. She dishonestly asserted Donald Trump won the 2020 political decision, a top agent for Virginia’s new Republican head legal officer surrendered on Thursday.

The assault on the US Capitol was named by Miles as a “tranquil exhibition,” however he added that the Patriots would not accept this without a fight. We are conscious, caution, and able to battle for our freedoms in any capacity.”

Miles later changed the first tweet to pin the Capitol savagery on “Antifa dressed as Patriots,” referring to the supposed misleading banner activity as “common Antifa and BLM terrorizing techniques.”

As indicated by the distribution, the term BLM is normally used to allude to the Black Lives Matter development. Miles’ liabilities as agent principal legal officer for government tasks and exchanges incorporate addressing the state in political race related claims and giving legitimate help to the state Department of Elections and its administering body, the state Board of Elections, on different issues.