Who Is Nikkijones0908? TikTok Water Bottle Challenge At Next Level


Nikkijones0908 is a TikTok account that is presently circulating around the web after a water bottle challenge at a higher level. In this article, you will track down the genuine name of the record holder and some more.

Consistently, individuals on TikTok make loads of difficulties, which TikTok clients acknowledge and attempt to do likewise. One of the difficulties is the water bottle challenge. There were a ton of water bottle challenge recordings on TikTok, yet as of late, a video from Nikkijones0908 got viral.


Evading a water bottle snared to a quicker moving fan while blindfolded is actually the thing’s stylish on TikTok, and the test has brought about more than one viral video.

The film includes a more established man who doesn’t seem to grasp the test’s goal and endures thus. “Bill didn’t get the update,” the inscription says.

Taking part in this challenge might bring about you or others getting harmed, which is potentially why this TikTok challenge accompanies a disclaimer: “Partaking in this movement might bring about you or others being harmed.”

Who is Nikkijones0908? Figure out Her Real Name Nikiijones0908 is a TikTok account that as of late created a viral water bottle challenge video. The genuine name of the lady behind the record, Nikkijones0908, is Nikki Jones.

Nikki is turning out to be exceptionally well known and is getting a ton of preferences and perspectives after the video. The video is only four days old, yet she has previously gotten multiple million perspectives.

She has over 5k adherents on the stage and has assembled an aggregate of 629k preferences. Nikkijones0908 TikTok Water Bottle Challenge At The Next Level: Video Nikkijones0908 took her water bottle challenge to a higher level, made a video when she appended a container to the moving fan, and became blindfolded.

Many individuals did the water bottle challenge before Nikii. There are bunches of viral recordings of this test.

Austynn’s Tiktok video portraying her young child from mid-April has previously gotten 48 million perspectives. Both mother and little girl giggle as they get hit by a flying water bottle in the video.

In one more famous video from early April, TikTok client Jill offers awful guidance and chuckles joyfully as three flying jugs pellet her loved ones.

The most well known video comes from TikTok client nikkijones0908. The video had gotten 3.6 million perspectives starting around Wednesday morning and was all the while developing.

Investigate The Instagram Of Nikkijones0908 We were unable to observe any Instagram represents Nikkihones0908. There are heaps of individuals with a similar name, however we didn’t observe the Nikkijones we were searching for.

Nonetheless, Nikki commits her full opportunity to her TikTok record, and her work pays off. She is presently getting more perspectives on Tiktok. Nikki might join Instagram later on. So save an eye for that.