Who Is Qarl Correy In House of the Dragon? Laenor Velaryon’s Boyfriend and How It Led To His Demise

Qarl Correy in House Of The Dragon is a Household Knight in support of House Velaryon at High Tide played by Arty Froushan.

Place Of The Dragon has been the most recent network show that has the audience snared to it. The new network show is the prequel to Game Of Thrones and every one of the fans are going off the deep end about it.


One of the new characters named Qarl Correy in House of Dragon has gotten the notice of individuals. The person is played by an entertainer name

Laenor had consistently favored his family’s exquisite knights, whom he probably took as sweethearts. Ser Joffrey Lonmouth was the main outstanding knight, after whom Laenor’s third child, Prince Joffrey Velaryon, was named. Ser Qarl Correy turned into Laenor’s new most loved when Ser Joffrey died.

Correy’s personality has taken the hearts of many. His stunning looks and his positions have awed his audiences and he is rapidly turning into a fan most loved character on the show. George R. R.

Martin might have put together Qarl’s name with respect to Roger Zelazny’s clever Nine Princes in Amber, which has a person named Carl Corey. Martin additionally honored Zelazny with House Rogers and the Pattern. Despite the fact that Qarl had a short screen time, fans can hardly hold on to observe a greater amount of Correy’s scenes in the impending episodes.

Who Plays The Role Of Qarl Correy? Qarl Correy’s job is played by a British entertainer named Arty Froushan. In any case, this isn’t the main show he has been a piece of in his profession.

Refined plays ‘Jonah’ in the two times of Amazon’s dream show ‘Festival Row,’ inverse Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevigne. Other TV appearances remember ‘Strikeback’ for Sky One and ‘Knightfall’ on the History Channel.

He showed up in Tom Stoppard’s honor winning new show ‘Leopoldstadt,’ created by Sonia Friedman, at the Wyndham Theater for a three-month run in August 2021.

The show happens in wartime Vienna and follows a well-off Jewish family through Nazi occupation and the Holocaust. In 2020, the play got an Olivier Award for ‘Best New Play.’

10 Facts About Arty Froushan

  1. Arty Froushan is a British actor.
  2. The British actor comes from an Iranian background, despite being brought up in the United Kingdom.
  3. Froushan has starred in both seasons of a show called Carnival Row along with Jonah Hill.
  4. He plays the role of Qarl Correy in House Of The Dragon.
  5. The Iranian actor also acted in a play called Leopoldstadt, which is Tom Stoppard’s award-winning new play.
  6. The actor also has audiobook experience where he narrated the ‘Angina Monologues’ on Audible.
  7. Froushan is multilingual. He speaks English and French even though he has a neutral accent.
  8. He went to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) to finish his college.
  9. Arty stands about 5 foot 11 inches tall.
  10. He is best known for his role as Jonah Breakspear in the Prime Video TV series Carnival Row.