Who Is Regina Kaye Arthurell? Arrested For Sexual Assault, Wikipedia and Murders


Reginald Kenneth Arthurell was having another existence as “Regina” after his prison discharge. She is sent back to prison after a more youthful man announced a few occurrences of sexual contacting him at an office in southwestern Sydney recently.

The 55 years of age man went to the police headquarters on January 22 and revealed the episodes of supposed sexual contacting without assent.


Who Is Regina Kaye Arthurell? Wikipedia And Murders Regina Kaye Arthurell is the most needed Australian chronic executioner who has been sentenced multiple times for crime as per Wikipedia.

Regina who was Reginald Arthurell before was detained for a long time in jail for his homicides and a lot more years released early.

She was a previous rodeo laborer who killed her fiancee Venet Raylee Mulhall in their Coonabarabran home in focal NSW in 1995.

She beat her the tar out of with a piece of wood subsequent to being set free from the initial two killings. Her brother, Paul Quinn, was the person who observed her disintegrating body at the home.

Before Venet Mulhall, Regina killed her 49-year-old stepfather Thomas Thornton with a cutting blade in 1974. Thomas was his first kill and she says he was exceptionally harmful.

The second time she submitted homicide was in 1981, she killed the 19-year-old maritime official Ross Browning in a Northern Territory theft. His ruined body was found in the clean only 35 km east of Tennant Creek.

Reginald also known as Tex Arthurell was delivered in 2021 and his criminal record is absolutely frightening. She is presently considered to be a transsexual lady wearing a hairpiece and displays and undermining families.

Besides, she is currently visually impaired in one eye and has medical conditions including huge hand quakes.

Regina Kaye Arthurell Arrested For Sexual Assault Regina Kaye Arthurell has been captured for a supposed rape and taken to the neighborhood police headquarters. The one who was mishandled announced her to the experts for supposed sexual contacting.

She was captured at the Campbelltown office not long before 10.30 am Friday, where she is relied upon to be charged.

Regina confronted court on Friday evening and is accused of four counts of physically contacting someone else without assent.

She was denied bail and is requested to show up at Campbelltown Local Court later again on 4 February.

Regina Kaye Arthurell Age-How Old Is She? Regina Kaye Arthurell is a 75-year-old transsexual lady, born around the year 1946 in New South Wales, Australia.

She is 5 feet and 6 inches tall and wears a blonde hairpiece. She has blue eyes and weighs around 70 kg. She was raised as a Christian by his folks.

Notwithstanding serving these numerous years in jail, she doesn’t appear to have changed at this point.