Who is Sadik Hadzovic? Net Worth, Wiki, Weight. Steroids?

Who is Sadik Hadzovic? Sadik Hadzovic was born on 8 June 1987, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, (then) Yugoslavia, and is an expert weight lifter as well as a wellness model, most popular for being the hero of the debut Arnold Sports Celebration Genius Men’s Build challenge held in 2015. He’s likewise been highlighted in various wellness magazines during his vocation.

The Abundance of Sadik Hadzovic How rich is Sadik Hadzovic? Actually 2019 total assets ~$1 million, procured generally through an effective vocation as a muscle head. Beside his opposition rewards, he likewise has extensive pay from sponsorships, associations, and other business attempts.


Early Life and Wellness Starting points Sadik experienced childhood in Bosnia-Herzegovina and encountered a great deal of issue with his loved ones. Quite early on, his family chose to move to the US as exiles in order to track down a superior life. The family got comfortable New York, and his folks helped shape his devotion towards his work, imparting in him a comparable hard working attitude.


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During this time, he became captivated by comic books, particularly the builds of the characters depicted in that. He in the long run concluded that he needed to imitate the look superheroes had in comics and activity figures. In a hurry, he began regularly visiting the exercise center and started to do some power lifting.

His certainty acquired somewhat of a lift however he was uncertain of arriving at his objectives as he was underweight, feeling that it would be outside the realm of possibilities for him to fabricate muscle. His longing to turn out to be better would defeat his negative contemplations, and he began to search for ways of getting the body he needed.

Way to Becoming Proficient With a revived longing to become succeed, he invested significantly more energy in the exercise center, moving forward his preparation.

In any case, he saw that his endeavors were not paying off and he understood that his diet wasn’t adequate for him to have the option to arrive at his objective – he was becoming anxious, and was coercively feeding himself feasts. He chose to put resources into nourishment information thus, eating all the more as often as possible with more modest feasts, which drove him to see more huge outcomes in his body.

He prepared for a long time thoroughly, and at 24 years old he concluded that he would perceive how far his process would take him by turning into an expert weight lifter. In 2011, he entered his most memorable rivalry called the NPC Eastern USA Title, and arrived at third put and a put on the platform.

He additionally met a great deal of similar competitors who roused him to prepare better. He acquired the nickname “The Build”, and scarcely went home for the days from the rec center. One of his achievements was having the option to acquire a solid body, while having a tight midsection.


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Proficient Accomplishments In 2012, Sadik kept contending, this time joining the NPC Metropolitan Titles and winning, marking his most memorable top title. He wasn’t fulfilled at this point, in any case, as he entered three additional shows during that very year, winning two out of them.

He began acquiring consideration in the working out industry, as one of the promising new kids on the block. He then positioned second in the 2012 NPC Junior USA Titles, driving him to enter the Lesser Public Titles. Regardless of confronting a great deal of notable names during the titles including Anton Antipov, his series of wins won, and he turned into that year’s Public Boss.

He got his Ace Card in practically no time a while later, as his authority acknowledgment as an expert, and acquired runner up in his most memorable IFBB rivalry, the More noteworthy Bay States Ace.


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Throughout the following three years he entered eight rivalries, arriving at the platform multiple times, the biggest of which was a triumph at the 2014 Arnold Sports Celebration; he likewise got second spot at the Mr. Olympia rivalry. Beside contending, he’s additionally been dynamic in advancing his weight training venture web based, offering guidance to hopeful competitors and wellness lovers.

Individual Life and Virtual Entertainment Hadzovic is hitched to Chelsey, and they have two youngsters together. His better half goes along with him in preparing now and again and they additionally venture to the far corners of the planet together.

He cherishes investing energy with his family when he is done with preparing. He referenced that there was a period in his life that he was unable to manage going to the rec center, so he needed to manage with plyometrics in the room until he could bear the cost of an exercise center enrollment. As of late, he’s been prodding a re-visitation of the Mr. Olympia rivalry, having proactively won it twice in succession.