Who Is Safiya Satchell And What Happened To Her? Pregnant Woman Tased By Police Jordy Martel


Safiya and a companion, Raheam Staats-Fleming, went to Tootsies Cabarets in Miami, FL.She got into a food battle with the club’s administration.

The club the executives then, at that point, gathered cop Martel and another official, who gave her an intruding WARNING.


Who Is Safiya Satchell? Satchell, who was four months pregnant, wound up losing. A pal took the video outside his grown-up club, Tootsies Cabaret, in Miami Gardens, Florida, approximately 30 kilometers north of Miami.

Official Jordy Yanes tased Safiya Satchell in the stomach, bringing about the passing of her unborn kid.

Jordy Martel, a Latino, was excused and charged after a video surfaced on January 14, 2019, showing him hauling Safiya Satchell, 33, from his SUV, hunkering on his neck, and two times utilizing Taser.

Safiya Satchell Husband: Who Is He? The name and control of Safiya Satchell’s significant other are obscure.She hasn’t expressed anything in that frame of mind about her marriage.

Safiya Satchell Family Details The genealogical record of Safiya Satchell is obscure. She is of African American plunge.

She hasn’t referenced her folks by any means. Safiya Satchell Age: How Old Is She? Safiya is a 35-year-elderly person.

The occasion was gotten on camera by a traveler in Satchell’s vehicle, and the video proof seems to go against a lot of Martel’s portrayal of what happened that evening.

For a little more than two years, Martel, a cop, gave up and was put in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on Thursday morning.

Safiya Satchell Wiki And Update In a video, the official, Jordy Yanes Martel, removes Safiya Satchell from her vehicle, puts his knee against her neck, and stunning her two times with a Taser while she cries.

On January 14, the occasion happened promptly in the first part of the day beyond Tootsies Cabaret, a strip club.

After the attack video became a web sensation on the web, Jordy Yanes Martel was captured and terminated from his work.

The latest improvement in the story is normal. Nonetheless, the claim is believed to be continuous before the town hall.

Martel has been accused of two counts of true wrongdoing and four counts of viciousness. He was delivered in the wake of being given bail.

As per Jordan, Satchell was captured a couple of months after the Tootsie episode.