Who Is Theonecornelia TikTok? Woman Shot In Face By Husband Mariusz Burchacki

Theonecornelia is a TikTok client who has shared a video of abusive behavior at home on her Tiktok account. Her new video about the aggressive behavior at home that her ex committed has earned consideration

Moreover, she has different recordings on her Tiktok account.TikTok is a virtual entertainment site where clients might make recordings regarding any matter and offer them.


With astonishing content that individuals can’t get enough of, TikTokers never fail to amaze us. Individuals have utilized Tiktok to impart their challenges and traverse huge hordes of individuals.

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What’s more, point of fact, Theonecornelia, a Tiktok client who shared her issue in recordings, stood out and everybody is taken part in her issue.

Who Is Theonecornelia On TikTok? A TikTok client named Theonecornelia acquired reputation as of late after she and her companion shared a video with respect to abusive behavior at home committed by his ex.

They as of late shared a video concerning homegrown maltreatment, and it has gotten a great deal of media consideration. Individuals are watching the video and are interested to hear the entire story.

As of this composition, the video they shared had 7.5 million perspectives and 380.2 thousand preferences.

On her Tiktok, she additionally posted different recordings, and those movies got large number of perspectives and preferences. She has shared remarkable movies notwithstanding a lip-synchronizing video.

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Her Tiktok username is @theonecornelia. She has 95.9k devotees and 652.6k preferences. Theonecornelia TikTok: Woman Shot In Face By Husband Mariusz Burchacki Theone Cornelia, a tiktok client, has given data concerning the homegrown maltreatment his ex committed.

They posted the video via web-based entertainment with the subtitle “For this reason I wear a handkerchief.” The young lady delivered a video in which she depicted what occurred. She has expressed that “When we were both 27, I was resting breastfeeding my 3-month-old youngster. My ex was remaining in the entryway and he discharged his shotgun and completely exposed my face.”

Since they shared a video of the brutality, they have had numerous requests with regards to why his significant other committed the demonstration. In the Tiktok recordings, they has answered the question by expressing that she is uncertain of the motivation behind why her better half did.

She has likewise expressed that “Pardoning is the way to recuperating yourself.”Theonecornelia Tiktok Face Story As homegrown maltreatment is examined in the video by Tiktok client @theonecornelia, it has gotten consideration. The young lady has appeared all over where she has worn a prosthetic.

She has expressed that after the episode happened it went all dark she was completely mindful that felt bewildered.

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The casualty’s companion went to call 911 and saw their little girl was remaining in the entryway and she proceeded to get them and take them to the restroom.

She advised their little girl to lock the entryway and not open it until she call, then, at that point, her ex was emerging from the room, he was crying and it was over to say his life.

He took the firearm and tossed it down the passage and she rush to the room and deal with the youngster.

The two of them encountered such a horrendous event, and the young lady is currently shrouded in prosthetics all over. Taking a gander at the recording, it seems like she is finding it hard to talk.