Who Is Van Brisbon? High School Student Lauren Juma Shot By Step Father


Van Brisbon is a man from the United States who is at the center of attention after he was connected with the homicide instance of her own stepdaughter, Lauren Juma. Additionally, Brisbon deferred his court appearance short-term as an adjudicator put his bond at $1 million on a homicide allegation.

At around 1 a.m. Harris County appointees were shipped off 20407 Canton Trace Lane. Representatives showed up to hear discharges as they floated the front entryway of the house. Allegedly, Brisbon left through the front entryway and was arrested.


Appointees entered the home and observed Lauren perished from shot injuries. The suspect and the prey were the main two individuals inside the home at the hour of the homicide.

Meet High School Student Lauren Juma Killer Dad Van Brisbon As referenced above, Van Brisbon is the stepdad of late secondary school understudy Lauren Juma.

The calling of Brisbon is obscure as he just got into the spotlight after he shot and killed his own stepdaughter, Lauren. Furthermore, presently, a bond was set for a man blamed for shooting and killing. He was arrested Friday after allegedly shooting Lauren.

Moreover, he deferred his entitlement to show up in reasonable justification court Friday night, where an adjudicator set his bond for $1 million on a homicide allegation.

Aside from that, Lauren was a sophomore at Nimitz High School and had as of late joined the cheer crew. Prior to the shooting, Juma’s mother, Laurie Young, emerged to her sister and police when she said Brisbon was acting haphazardly.

Before Juma’s sister and authorities could get into the house in the 20400 square of Canton Trace, they paid attention to two shots. Investigators said Juma was shot in the head, and her jeans were pulled down around her lower legs when her body was found.

Lauren Juma Dad and Mother Name Revealed Subsequent to doing all examination, we discovered that Laurie Young was the mother of Lauren Juma, and her stepdad was Van Brisbon.

Yet, the subtleties of her natural father are away from the spotlight. It appears as though Lauren’s father and mother isolated quite some time in the past.

Aside from that, Juma likewise had a sister matured 19 years. Juma’s 19 years of age sister was the person who called 911 telling police she was being held at gunpoint by Brisbon.

According to a report, the mother, Laurie, was away for work and got back home to observe her girl killed. Moreover, Christina Michell was Lauren’s stepmother, who additionally addressed FOX 26 Friday night, trusting a fair outcome would be given.

Update On The Shooting Incident Of Lauren Juma The new update of Lauren Juma shows a bond has been set at $1 million on a homicide accusation.

The justification for the killing is obscure to specialists right now, as Brisbon was not pleasing with agents. Also, he was set up for the Harris County prison at around 10:00 a.m.

Aside from that, the group of Lauren began a GoFundMe to assist with burial service costs, and Brisbon is ready to show up in locale court on Monday.