Who Was 12-Year-Old Thomas TJ Siderio And What Happened To Him?


Thomas TJ Siderio, 12-years of age, died during a turbulent foot pursue toward the beginning of March. The cop shot the youngster to a ridiculous degree.

Thomas TJ Siderio is a 12-years of age kid who died from a gunfire. As announced by BBC, a previous Philadelphia cop got accused of homicide for lethally shooting a little youngster.


The gunfire on his back happened during a turbulent foot pursue toward the beginning of March. The media uncovered that Edsaul Mendoza, the guilty party, shot him regardless of it was anonymous to know he.

Who Was Thomas TJ Siderio? A 12-Years-Old Young Boy Thomas TJ Siderio, a 12-years of age little fellow, is a survivor of a shot by a previous Philadelphia cop, Edsaul Mendoza.

As indicated by the Daily Mail, Thomas discharged his firearm into the official’s unmarked vehicle. After the firearm companion, a Philadelphia cop pursued him the month before.

The question and answer session uncovered the youngster shot his 9mm firearm into the cop’s vehicle and escaped. Likely, the young man didn’t realize they were cops at the time since cops were not in proper uniform.

At the point when the cop discharged a weapon for the third time, Thomas pushed up the position. Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner uncovered a video of the occurrence got on a reconnaissance camera.

How a young person has a firearm? Is it legitimate in his country? There is no data on why the kid shot the vehicle and how he got the 9mm firearm.

After Thomas’ demise, his grandma was grief stricken and couldn’t rest since it was horrendous.

Official Edsaul Mendoza Arrested For Thomas TJ Siderio Death The previous official Edsaul Mendoza got captured for Thomas TJ Sierio’s homicide accusation.

The jury part accused Edsaul of first-degree and third-degree murder accusations for killing Thomas, a 12-years of age kid, on March 1. Lead prosecutor Larry Krasner said the shooting was a homicide and not self-protection.

Moreover, Larry unveiled the teenager’s weapon was 40ft away from where he was viewed as dead. Perhaps, he was giving up when he dropped to the ground after the subsequent shot.

In March, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw suspended him for 30 days prior to being terminated from the office.

Thomas TJ Siderio-Incident Explanation Thomas TJ Siderio’s killer, Mendoza, got captured on a homicide accusation for shooting him.

Cop Mendoza shot Siderio in the back on March 1 while pursuing him in Philadephia. Thomas escapes a weapon into the official’s unmarked vehicle.

Mendoza pursued him and shot his weapon a sum of multiple times. Siderio dropped his weapon after the subsequent shot. All the while, he either fell or dropped to the ground.

The video displayed to a fantastic jury demonstrates that Mendoza realized the kid wasn’t furnished.