Who Was Lieutenant Colonel Fezul Bichikaev? Death Of Another Russian Commander In Ukraine


Fezul Bickikaev was a Russian representative commandant who is presently at the center of attention subsequent to dying on a mysterious knowledge mission. For your data, he died in Ukraine on May 2, 2022, turning into the 39th Russian colonel to die in Ukraine.

Besides, Bickikaev was probably Russia’s most youthful colonel, second in charge of his regiment, and his end added up to a weighty, unsalvageable misfortune. His passing comes a day after the divulgence of the demise of Lt-Col Fyodor Solovyov, 44, in the Donbas.


Also, Fyodor was leader of the howitzer self-pushed gunnery regiment of the 127 mechanized rifle division. He was covered with full military distinctions and a triple volley of firearms in Chunaki town, Penza locale.

Russian Death In Ukraine – Lt Colonel Fezul Bichikaev Wikipedia As we probably are aware, Russians experienced one more unfortunate blow in front of his Victory Day military spectacle in Moscow tomorrow with the demise of his 39th colonel in his ridiculous conflict in Ukraine. Lt Colonel Fezul Bichikaev was killed in a clash close to Ukraine’s second city Kharkiv, where Ukrainian powers have mounted a counter-hostile to take a few close by towns.

A keenness update distributed yesterday by Britain’s Ministry of Defense expressed a few of Putin’s senior authorities are being constrained onto the milestone to take individual management of activities because of wavering Russian execution on the bleeding edge.

Also, presently, the Russian loss of life in the midst of Putin’s conflict in Ukraine remains at more than 25,000, as indicated by the Land Forces of Ukraine’s most recent figures, as detailed by a nearby source.

Lt Colonel Fezul Bichikaev Age The period of Lt Colonel Fezul Bichikaev was 36 at the hour of his destruction. As referenced before, he was ne of Russia’s most youthful colonels, second in charge of his regiment. His burial service was being held today.

Not much is been aware of his initial life, as the insights about Bichikaev have forever been kept a secret. As of now, the Russians are grieving his demise as they lost one of the significant characters of their country.

Fezul Bichikaev Was Married To His Wife Late Fezul Bichikaev was a hitched man, and he had a spouse, yet the name has not been given to us. As indicated by Daily Mail, Bichikaev was the dad of three kids. Likewise, the names of his children are inaccessible in the public space.

Besides, he is being a killed close to depicted as a legend Kharkiv with an automatic rifle in his grasp, covering his subordinates.