Who Was Meika Jordan? Wikipedia Bio Injuries And Death Cause Of The Little Girl


Meika Jordan was a splendid and happy 6-year-old young lady who was killed by her dad and stepmother.

Meika was a young lady who her dad and stepmother shamefully killed. The instance of Meika raised a clamor among the general population, requesting Meika’s equity.


Spencer Jordan, Meika’s dad, and Marie Magoon, Meika’s stepmother, were first viewed as at fault for second-degree murder in June and given life sentences without the chance for further appeal for a very long time.

What Injuries Did Meika Jordan Have? What Caused Her Hand Burns? Meika had a few serious wounds that didn’t match the depiction her dad and stepmother provided for the police. While her folks said she tumbled down the steps, her wounds were considerably more horrendous.

Meika had tangled hair for certain missing lumps. Her little body was covered with wounds, and the center of her hand had a severe singeing.

Her pancreas was gashed, and her liver was destroyed, however her skull had been the most seriously harmed piece of her body. At the point when a young lady of only six years of age perseveres through this actual torment, there are little possibilities of her getting by.

Jordan tragically died the following day subsequent to being confessed to the clinic. The Calgary Police Homicide Unit immediately started an exhaustive examination concerning her demise.

Police found that Meika endured hand consumes when her dad and stepmother lit her hands with a lighter. She had been tormented for a few days before she died.

Were Meika Jordan Abusers Arrested? Police kept Jordan and Magoon. The kid’s natural dad and stepmother were accused of her homicide. They were in any case kept for Meika’s second-degree murder.

They were given a lifelong incarceration with a 17-year parole qualification period. By then, a surge of legal choices and requests began.

The Alberta Court of Appeal gave a remarkable choice five years after Meika’s passing: Jordan and Magoon’s convictions for first-degree murder were maintained. The nine Supreme Court Justices required under ten minutes to arrive at a choice. Meika Jordan’s first-degree murder is crafted by Jordan and Magoon.

Are There Any Updates On Meika Jordan’s Case? Meika’s organic dad and stepmother are serving their lives in jail and are presently being held for the first-degree murder of Meika Jordan.

Jordan’s natural mother has been attempting to keep Meika’s name alive and mindful others on Meika’s circumstance, so different kids don’t need to face a similar outcome Meika endured.

As indicated by Michael Nesbitt, a teacher of criminal regulation at the University of Calgary, this case will without a doubt make a point of reference for resulting youngster killing cases. The instance of Meika is extremely miserable, however it is the same old thing. There are many cases all around the universe of kids being manhandled in their families.

Meika’s case will go about as mindfulness among individuals and families around the world.