Who Was Mustafa Kayirici? Serial Rapist Sentenced For Assaulting Teenage Girl Dies In Jail


Mustafa Kayirici turns out to be the one who assaulted seven ladies including an under 16 minor named Dasha. The occurrence is that of the year 2016 when he deliberately made assault recordings with the minor.

Despite the fact that he was condemned to 34 years of detainment, he imploded following 6 years of serving inside the prison. Secure Prison Annex was where he got all his treatment.


Then again, he was given a year of his life after his first analysis. It was on Tuesday morning that the attacker was found in an oblivious state inside his jail cell.

Jail: Who Was Mustafa Kayirici? Passing Cause Mustafa Kayirici was a detainee who was inside the prison for 10 years until he died in the January of 2022. Disease has been pronounced as the reason for the passing of the attacker.

He was determined to have terminal disease not long before a year during the lockdown. The main thing that he wanted was to meet his sister before his demise.

Mustafa Kayirici Age And Wikipedia Mustafa Kayirici was at 31 years old years in 2022 when he imploded to his passing bed while going through his malignant growth treatment in Prince of Wales Hospital.

The subtleties on him have not been incorporated by Wikipedia. Notwithstanding, he was in his mid twenties when he included himself in the most incredibly hostile demonstrations.

Casualty Dasha Volnoukhin Mustafa Kayirici was charged for the assault of a teen Dasha Volnoukhin who turned into the survivor of his mercilessness about 10 years prior. The minor was at 13 years old years.

On the 26th of June, 2016; the minor was severely assaulted in her school uniform for a long time in a few unique areas. The attacker even caught a video with Dasha.

Mustafa Kayirici Rape Charges Mustafa Kayirici was at first charged for the assault of Dasha Volnoukin that opened up his past wrongdoings of looting and assaulting 7 different ladies with his blade in various lodgings and homes.

He expected on doing as such without having any malignance against the people in question and that demonstrated him as a chronic raper. Besides, the offender was normal inside the jail until 2066.