Who Was Vivian Flores? Ames Shooting Cornerstone Victim – Why Did Jonathan Lee Whitlatch Murder Her?


Vivian Flores is a survivor of the Cornerstone Church shooting in Ames, Iowa. Besides, Jonathan Lee, her companion’s ex, additionally shot her companion, Eden Mariah Montang prior to shooting himself in the parking area outside Cornerstone Church of Armes, close to Des Moines, as per Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald.

Following a conflict with Montang, he shot them both with a 9mm handgun, as per the neighborhood sheriff at a news meeting on Friday. Whitlatch had as of late said a final farewell to Montang, and Whitlatch had been hassling his ex. He’d quite recently been accused of provocation and mimicking a public authority on Tuesday.


Who Was Vivian Flores? Ames Shooting Cornerstone Victim Vivian Flores, as expressed in the former segment, was a blameless casualty of the Ames shooting foundation. As a matter of fact, specialists have discovered that Jonathan, the shooter in Iowa, killed Vivian and his ex Eden during a homegrown assault prior to directing the gun back toward himself.

What’s more, after a battle with Montang, he fired them with a 9mm handgun, as per the neighborhood sheriff at a news meeting on Friday. As per Lennie, the explanation and inspiration for the wrongdoing stayed obscure, and the examination was still in its beginning phases. As per Lennie, the three people were dead when policing. Examiners accept it was a one-time episode, as per specialists.

Vivian Flores Age And Parents Vivian Renee Flores was at 21 years old years old at that point. Her companion Eden Mariah Montang, then again, was 22 years of age, and their executioner, Jonathan Lee Whitlatch, was 33. Vivian Flores and her companion Montang were going to a book of scriptures learn at Cornerstone Church in Ames, where the two of them went to Iowa State University.

It was a program that the two children and high schoolers were encouraged to join in. Fitzgerald guessed that the occurrence might have been a lot of more regrettable in light of the fact that there were 80 people in participation. Jonathan, the shooter, was there for a particular explanation, which he satisfied, as indicated by the sheriff.

Vivian Flores’ Facebook Details In a post on its Facebook page, the Cornerstone church communicated its trouble at the occurrence, composing that their hearts drain for all included, and they are petitioning God for everybody impacted, particularly the casualties’ families.

Vivian Flores’ own Facebook profile presently can’t seem to be found on the web. Following the grievous homicides of Vivian and Eden, innumerable recognitions and eulogies were composed on Facebook.

Preceding her exchange to Ames as an understudy at Iowa State University, Vivian Flores was a functioning individual from Valley Church’s Student Ministries, as per a Facebook post from Valley Church. Vivian was an exquisite young woman of God who cherished Jesus, her family, and companions with colossal confidence and validity.