Who were Gerard Sheehan, Rachel Sheehan? All about The Script guitarist Mark Sheehan’s parents

Mark Sheehan’s dad Gerard Sheehan died in 1990
The artist was just 14 then, at that point,
His mom Rachel Sheehan died in 2006

Mark Sheehan’s folks were Gerard and Rachel Sheehan, who both died when he was youthful. He experienced childhood in The Freedoms area of Dublin, Ireland, where he fostered an enthusiasm for music and framed his most memorable band, Mytown, with his companion Danny O’Donoghue. Mark Sheehan’s folks never got to see their child become a fruitful performer


Mark Sheehan’s dad died in 1990 when the artist was just 14. His mom died in 2006.

Describing how his mom experienced a stroke before her demise, Sheehan had once said, “We marked our record bargain in America then moved home to record the collection since she suffered a heart attack.”

“She was in emergency clinic for quite a long time and that is the very thing that took me back to Dublin. The chaps returned with me. I had a little studio, more like a shed, at the rear of the James Road house where I grew up,” he proceeded.

“It was right close to the clinic so I had the option to go in and do nightshifts with my mum, compose verses and afterward get back home and set up and account more. She heard a few tunes however she didn’t get to hear everything.”

“She felt on the off chance that you were doing a show that individuals came to watch, that was a triumph. She showed me not to check my prosperity on cash.”

“I realize you need to keep the lights on however overall we do everything as a result of energy and our affection for music. So in her eyes I was generally effective on the grounds that I was following my fantasies.”