Who won Jeopardy! tonight? April 14, 2023, Friday

Season 39 of Peril! gotten back with a shiny new episode on Friday, April 14, 2023, highlighting three players. According to the show’s organization, the board comprises of one returning player and two new candidates. In the most recent episode, two-day champion Ben Chan got back to play his third game against Kari Elsila, an award methodology specialist from Cleveland Levels, Ohio, and Greg Czaja, a cardiologist from San Diego, California.

The authority summation of the Emmy-dominating and longest-running match show peruses: The present returning hero Ben Chan, a way of thinking teacher from Green Sound, Wisconsin, scored $46,001 from two games.


Two-day champion Ben Chan initially showed up on Risk! in the April 12 episode. From that point forward, the Green Straight local has kept up with his series of wins.

In the most recent episode, the classes for the main round included “New York Nicks, Cook’s Dozen, Powerful Consumable Rhyme Time, Heads I Win, Stories, You Lose.”

After two sequential games, Ben turned into an expert on his third day. He offered 14 right responses and one erroneous reaction and started to lead the pack in the primary round. New players, then again, battled to match Ben’s score. Greg Czaja played appropriately well as he offered seven right and two wrong responses. Kari Elsila offered four right responses, notwithstanding, she tracked down the principal Everyday Twofold and tragically conveyed some unacceptable response. For quite a while, her score went to nothing.

The players’ scores from the primary round were: Ben at $8,600, Greg at $2,800, and Kari at $400.
In the second round of the Ken Jennings-facilitated episode, the classifications included “The Ottoman Domain, “B”ands, World Realities, Anagrammed Researchers, twentieth Century Ladies, Divinity Add A Letter.”

Kari and Greg attempted their level best to score big yet Ben had set the bar excessively high subsequent to winning a Day to day Twofold. In Twofold Peril, the round comprised of two Day to day Pairs. While one went to Ben and he scored $10,000 on it, Greg’s karma didn’t work for him. The last option found a Genuine Day to day Twofold, meaning he bet the whole sum for one inquiry. Sadly, the response ended up being mistaken. In spite of losing a huge sum, Greg arrived in runner up, while Kari kept on leftover in third position.

The scores of the players in the subsequent round were Ben at $20,800, Greg at $8,000, and Kari at $7,200.

In the Last Danger round, Greg and Ben offered the right response to the last inquiry. Kari, then again, lost $5,000 by giving a wrong reaction. Returning top dog Ben Chan needed to play safe and in this manner bet just $2,200, while the new players with low scores bet somewhere in the range of $4,000 and $5,000. Ben beat the scoreboard, trailed by Greg in runner up and Kari in third. In the April 14 episode, the class for the last round was “Journalists’ Less popular Works.” The last sign, otherwise known as the inquiry, read:

“Known for additional philosophical works, he composed the play ‘La Mandragola,’ in which Florentines are compensated for shameless activities.”
The right solution to the last round’s sign was “Niccolò Machiavelli.”

Ben and Greg offered the right response, as they stated “Machiavelli,” albeit the previous incorrectly spelled the last name. Kari left the space clear as he had no clue about what to reply.

Investigate the eventual outcomes of the April 17 episode:

Ben Chan: $20,800 + $2,200 = $23,000 (Who is Macchiavelli?) (3-day complete: $69,001)

Greg Czaja: $8,000 + $4,401 = $12,401 (Who is Machiavelli?)

Kari Elsila: $7,200 – $5,000 = $2,200 (Who is ?)

With the present success, Ben turned into the three-day boss of season 39. Presently, in the event that he dominates his fourth match, he will be qualified to fit the bill for the Competition of Champions 2023.

In the interim, he will get back to play his next game on Monday, April 17, 2023.