Who won Jeopardy! tonight? May 3, 2023, Wednesday

KABC-television broadcasted a pristine episode of Risk! on Wednesday, May 3. The episode highlighted three-day victor Kevin Beauty going up against two new contenders to battle for his title. Initially from Silver Spring, Maryland, Kevin is a path organizer. His complete income on the show are $42,798.

The other two players were Dan Czekalski, an undertaking supervisor from Columbia, South Carolina, and Hannah Wilson, an information researcher from Chicago, Illinois. The three contenders needed to answer the most extreme measure of inquiries accurately in three unique rounds to dominate the match and bring in cash.


The present Risk! champ is Hannah Wilson

Kevin neglected to protect his title against the two new challengers. Hannah dominated the match eventually, in spite of playing somewhat more safely in adjusts 2 and 3.

The classifications under the principal round were Said This Scholarly Person, That is A Decent Spot For A Break, Blend – Ology, On board The Plane carrying warship, and The “USS”; John C. Reilly.

Hannah started off very well and brought in a great deal of cash even before the initial break. Kevin made an honest effort to address however many inquiries as could reasonably be expected yet Dan attempted to do as such.

Altogether, Hannah offered 14 right responses, while Kevin offered nine right responses, with no erroneous reaction from all things considered. Dan responded to only four inquiries accurately and one erroneously.

The last score after the Peril! round was Hannah at $10,200, Kevin at $4000, and Dan at $1,200.

The classes under the Twofold Danger! round were Noteworthy Americans, “D” Visit, There’s Gold In Them Thar Slopes, Sax Schooling, Homophones, and Theater Previously and Later.

Dam and Hannah utilized the Day to day Pairs to procure $3000 and get a lead over the defending champ. Hannah didn’t respond to a ton of inquiries in the last couple of moments of the round, yet scored a great deal generally with her day to day pairs.

She offered 24 right responses, with no off-base reaction, and acquired $22,800. Dan offered 11 right responses against two mistaken ones and Kevin offered 15 right responses against one wrong reaction.

The last score after the round was Hannah at $22,800, Dan at $12,300, and Kevin at $6000.

Dan and Hannah both addressed the last inquiry accurately. The previous scored a ton in the round yet Hannah kept it safe and bet a modest quantity of cash against her reaction, procuring $24,800 altogether.

The last inquiry of the May 3 episode of Risk! was under the class Business and Web-based Entertainment, and the last piece of information read:

“On Twitter in 2023, this food establishment followed a careful complete of 11 records that included Victoria Beckham, Mel B and Spice Alpert.”
The right solution to the inquiry was:

Kevin lost $500 of his profit against the inaccurate reaction of Mccormick’s. In the interim, Dan and Hannah procured $12,000 and $3000 separately for their right responses.

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The eventual outcomes of the game were:

Hannah Wilson: $22,800 + $3,000 = $25,800 (What is KFC?) (1-day complete: $25,800)

Dan Czekalski: $12,300 + $12,000 = $24,300 (What is KFC?)

Kevin Beauty: $6,000 – $5,000 = $1,000 (What is Mccormick’s?)

As the new champ, Hannah will currently be seen contending with two new contenders to guard her title. Assuming that she can stay aware of her series of wins for four additional games, she will join the competition of champions.

Hannah will play against Warren Beauty and Marie Claude Dussault in the following episode of Peril!, which airs on Thursday, May 4.