Why was BTS crying if HYBE says they’re not on hiatus? Fans say ‘Don’t end up like One Direction’

BTS likes to astonish their fans, yet nobody was prepared for the bomb that dropped on June 14. The worldwide K-pop gathering got together to share their “2022 Festa Dinner” with fans on YouTube Live to mark the 10th commemoration of their most memorable show. Suga told everybody at supper, where they were discussing their most recent rebound, that BTS would be having some time off for quite a while. The cheerful state of mind turned miserable when the gathering unexpectedly said that the following section, which everybody had previously speculated, would be about the individuals heading out in a different direction and doing their own things.

However, that wasn’t the main shock. Pioneer RM likewise let them know that they should enjoy some time off in 2020. Fans were stunned by the possibility that 2021-22 probably won’t occur and they probably won’t get the extraordinary content in the event that there wasn’t all a pandemic. RM said that ‘On,’ which turned out in mid 2020, and their dropped world visit that very year should be their last gathering exercises before they began zeroing in on their performance work. Furthermore, since BTS was crying, fans couldn’t resist the opportunity to cry, as well. Virtual entertainment was a wreck on the grounds that the gathering had informally separated.


HYBE says BTS not on break? A few fans attempted to persuade others that BTS was simply crying since they were beginning another part, yet others were certain that there would be no more gathering exercises. Yet, AP News has shared an explanation from HYBE that says there appears to have been a misconception. The report says that despite the fact that “rest” was utilized in the English captions, the gathering was not going on an endless break. According to the assertion, “BTS are not having some time off. Right now, individuals will work to a greater degree toward their own tasks. Subsequent to discussing their apprehensions about letting fans down and going it alone, the individuals begin to cry (BANGTANTV/YouTube).

Yet, this is a sad encouragement since it actually implies that bunch rebounds and exercises will not occur as frequently in light of the fact that performance work will be more significant. Fans likewise believed that BTS was presumably crying in light of the fact that going it alone was a new and unnerving thing. Additionally, many individuals couldn’t resist the opportunity to consider groups like One Direction and K-pop gatherings like BIGBANG that never separated and never reunited. A few fans likewise feel that the assertion is a media ploy to keep the stock costs of HYBE, which dropped significantly after the fresh insight about the break, from going down considerably more.

‘I’m having trust issues’? A few fans really wanted to feel improved subsequent to hearing what HYBE said on the grounds that it implied we’d in any case get bunch exercises, regardless of whether it wasn’t bunch music. One fan composed on Twitter, “Make me cry once more. I sobbed for very nearly 5 hours, and I just halted 5 minutes prior. I thought they were having some time off, however at that point this uplifting news appeared on my course of events. OK, RIP my tears. Thus, Life Goes On, BTS. bighit/hybe: it’s a trick.”

One more made a response image, “Hybe understudy when they came on twitter to see what we were doing.” One fan added, “Hybe held up till after each military went through the five phases of distress to deliver this statement😭 bts and armys are staying put.” Another pondered, “I feel like the organization put out this announcement about BTS not going on a break to keep Hybe’s stock from taking a plunge. The folks were exceptionally straightforward with us during their supper. Hybe shouldn’t affront our knowledge.”

Yet, a few fans feel HYBE’s assertion changes nothing, “That hybe proclamation is exactly the same point the tannies made. like we realized they planned to continue to do bunch stuff (run bts) bc they said it. furthermore, hybe is presumably just difficult stress it’s anything but a break so they don’t get generalized with the likes of others since they are staying a gathering.” Another made sense of, “Folks its as yet a break from bunch music and shows, that is the reason bts was crying, its the first time in quite a while they will overcome the music business as solo specialists, it is a big change, yet that doesn’t mean they wont actually have bunch exercises, that is what hybe implies.”

One fan supplicated, “DONT END UP LIKE ONE DIRECTION THATS ALL I ASK.” A multi-fan was concerned, “Everybody is like “don’t look at one course and bts on their rest declaration” however I am so f**king damaged from the one heading break that i’m having trust issues I am sorry.” Similarly, one more said, “For what reason is this bts going on rest thingy bringing me back all the one bearing torment.”