Why Was Eligio Lee Bishop AKA Natureboy Arrested? People Wonder Where The Carbon Nation Leader Is Now

Eligo Lee Bishop, otherwise known as Nature Boy, the top of the faction known as “Carbon Nation” is supposed to be captured by officials on April 14, 2022.

Officials scan Bishop’s home for weapons after he alludes to himself on Facebook as “The Messiah Demigod” and “Expert Chief.”


Who Is Eligio Lee Bishop AKA Natureboy? Eligio Lee Bishop is the 38-year-old top of the clique known as ‘Carbon Nation,’ otherwise called ‘Nature Boy,’ and alludes to himself as ‘God.’

As per Dailymail, the pioneer has confidence in nudism, polygamy, and avoiding washing. CBC News revealed that Bishop has filled in as a model, stripper, whore, and hairdresser before.

He’s presently a self-declared faction pioneer. His genuine area in the Costa Rican backwoods, as well as the quantity of supporters that live with him, are indistinct.

Beside his lawbreaker records, there is no more data accessible on the pioneer. In Georgia, he was captured for intense entry in 2009. He was accused of robbery and captured for extreme brutality two years after the fact.

Diocesan expressed that no charges were recorded in the last option case. He was a model and extraordinary diversion who conceded to having sexual administrations in a Facebook video.

To stay away from an existence of wrongdoing, Bishop went to class to turn into a stylist. In 2014, he applied for a permit to operate and opened his own shop in Georgia.

He likewise claims to have chipped away at the Mo’Nique Program, a television show facilitated by the equivalent named Atlanta joke artist.

Minister presented with a backpack in a June 2016 Facebook picture, expressing, “the Ascension trip has started.” He was headed to Honduras, begging analysts to permit him to be their “guide out of the awful world.”

His fan base has developed over the long run. He presently has more than 17,000 Facebook fans.

Eligo Lee Bishop: Arrested Carbon Nation Cult Leader Status Eligo Lee Bishop is reputed to be captured by the officials today. On April 14, 2022, Eye. Am.The.Lurker posted a video of the specialists moving toward their home and arresting them.

The police were scanning their homes for guns. In any case, nothing seems to have been found.

No news has been given that goes into profundity concerning the police interruption. We will furnish you with additional insights regarding the capture quickly.

Not even one of them are charged or placed in prison at this point.

He was additionally captured in Hawaii in 2020 for abusing quarantine rules in the wake of being found playing with turtles on an ocean side.

On arriving on the Big Island, he was detained for ignoring crisis orders to isolation for 14 days.

As indicated by area police Lt. Rio Amon-Wilkins, nine individuals were confined in Fern Forest on Wednesday. What’s more, the excess 12 individuals, including Bishop, were captured at Hawaiian Paradise Park on Thursday.

Everyday Mail likewise referenced that he was banished from entering Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua in December subsequent to being marked a “threat to public safety.”

The individuals from the clique arrived on the island on June 7 and 8, as indicated by authorities. Also, they were secured when local people revealed seeing them playing with turtles on an ocean side.

‘From what I hear, most of them showed up on June 7 or 8.’ ‘I don’t have total affirmation on every one of them,’ Amon-Wilkins conceded.

Where Could Eligo Lee Bishop Today be? Eligo Lee Bishop might be in police authority because of their capture. The specialists are examining what is happening, and charges presently can’t seem to be documented against both the pioneer and the individuals.

As indicated by the Costa Rica Star, Bishop makes a fortune by making music recordings and self improvement tapes. Carbon Nation’s YouTube channel energizes gifts utilizing CashApp.

Carbon Nation’s YouTube channel has around 85,000 endorsers and elements music recordings and self improvement movies of ‘Nature Boy.’

Among the titles are “The Purpose of Life: Honoring God’s Creation,” “Advances of the Body with Master Teacher Natureboy,” “Storytime with The Messiah: Overcoming My Pride,” and “Polygamy is The Gateway to The Divine Feminine.”