Yaqub Salik Talib Is The Suspect In Lancaster Community Park Shooting In Texas: Is Aqib Talib Brother Arrested?


Yaqub Salik Talib has been named by Texas police as a suspect in the deadly shooting of a mentor at a young football match.

Police in Lancaster, a city close to Dallas, said Talib is blamed for a shooting that happened on Saturday night and brought about a man’s passing. Despite the fact that loved ones guarantee the man was a mentor, specialists have not yet had the option to recognize him.


Actually Sunday, he was currently at free, and a capture warrant had been given. On Monday, The Associated Press communicated something specific mentioning new insights about their quest for him.

Yaqub Salik Talib Is The Suspect In Lancaster Community Park Shooting Yaqub Salik Talib, who is the brother of resigned NFL star and current Amazon NFL studio savant Aqib Talib, is a pursued suspect in the homicide of a young football trainer, as per TMZ Sports.

According to Lancaster, Texas police, there was a debate between the instructing staff and the refereeing group which prompted the shooting occurrence, as expressed by WFAA.com.

As the discussion proceeded, the mentors began to battle, and the weapon was shot into the group by one of the aggressors. One man was shot and died at a neighborhood emergency clinic, according to the reports proposed by Marca.

Mike Freeman, the leader of the Dragons, guaranteed that the contention began when Hickmon moved to get a football, and it was booted away. A few media locales have distinguished the shot-dead youth mentor as Michael Hickmon.

Moreover, Yaqub Talib was recently confined for public inebriation in June 2014 when it was guaranteed he tossed bottles and created an uproar at a Dallas club.

Is Aqib Talib Brother Arrested? Charges On Yaqub Talib Yaqub Talib has not been captured at this point, yet police are searching for him after a gunfire at a young football match in Dallas.

After the gunfire, not long before 9 p.m., numerous emergency calls were taken from Lancaster Community Park. Vulnerability encompasses the supposed contribution of Aqib Talib’s brother in the battle that hinted at the shooting.

Five shots can be seen in a video taken at the scene, and for around 40 seconds the camera skims to the grass. A unidentified shooter should be visible terminating adjusts in the clasp, and off-camera shouting is perceptible.

Authorities have kept the casualty’s personality in spite of being moved to an emergency clinic and later pronounced dead. The dead man’s family is being reached by CNN.

Who Are The Victim In The Dallas Suburb Shooting? Mike Hickmon is the one who is supposed to be killed in the Dallas Suburb shooting, according to explanations given by the mentors with the young group DEA Dragons.

Hickmon, 43, had played at Maceo Smith High School and later the University of North Texas. He had filled in as the group’s hostile mentor for a long time, US News reports.

His child of 9 years of age was likewise there on the field when the shot occurred. Watson expressed that there were maybe 80 youngsters close by when it happened.

Mythical beasts director Mike Freeman asserted seeing one of his mentors lying on the ground. He was more than essentially a mentor; he was likewise a great father, man, pioneer, and good example.