“You Will Be Shocked” – Laide Bakare Promises To Reveal The Unknown About Daughter, Simi

Laide Bakare, a notable Nollywood entertainer, has vowed to examine the critical job her little girl Simi has had in her life.

You might recollect that Laide commended her girl’s most memorable birthday yesterday by posting on her authority Instagram profile.


All things considered, the glad mother of two tweeted a sweet depiction alongside the explanation that the world would be in dismay assuming they knew how much her girl had added to her prosperity.

Elsewhere in the world, watchers of the on-going BBNaija Level Up program express worry for Khalid, an expelled housemate, because of Daniella, his old flame, and another housemate’s association.

You might recall that Daniella wailed beforehand as she communicated lament over continuing on from Khalid to Dotun so rapidly following his ousting.

On Saturday night at Pepsi’s party, the female housemate by and by gets comfortable with her recently discovered love as they trade an extraordinary kiss.