Jessenth Ebenezer (Musical Artist) Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography

Jessenth Ebenezer, popularly known as Someone Else is an electronic music producer and remixer.

Jessenth gained popularity after his cover remix of the track Toss A Coin To Your Witcher, from the movie “The Witcher” went viral, also featuring the remix in the Global Viral 50 chart on Spotify.

Moreover, he’s already been supported by renowned DJs like Yellow Claw, BEAUZ, Unknown Brain, Nicky Romero and on channels like Trap City, 8D Tunes and has hit viral charts in over 16 countries with his releases.

Jessenth also signed over 30 songs to several international labels, getting on viral charts in over 16 countries with his releases.

Throughout his career, his followers have grown by leaps and bounds being one of the most influential producers from Chennai and working with many popular local artists he gets shoutouts from all around the world.

What is Someone Else’s appearance?
He is around 1.78m tall and has black eyes and black hair.

What are the previous career details of Someone Else (Jessenth Ebenezer)?
Jessenth was already an app and software developer in the programmer role before he appeared in the music industry.

What are Someone Else’s occupations?
Someone Else (Jessenth Ebenezer) is currently a music producer, remixer, and artist manager.

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