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Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half are two American rappers from St Louis. They have a gigantic fan base in the rap class and are tremendously well known on Spotify and Youtube.

According to the new news, two rappers have been captured for unlawful medication and weapon ownership. Here are things we are familiar their capture.

Rapper: Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half Arrested On Drug Possession Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half were captured on Wednesday, April 4, 2022, on medications and weapon ownership.

As per sources, both the performers confronted prosecution alongside four different men. They were captured for conveying an unlawful drug called Fentanyl otherwise known as Fenny. They were arrested by the government specialists alongside two others selling fenny to a rodent, supposedly a lady client.

A video message on Youtube additionally asserts that their private protectors were the justification for their capture. Regardless, explicit insights concerning them are yet to be delivered by the police.

A fan has remarked in the Youtube video shared: ” Jizzle and half got cash yet how about we be genuine they getting themselves out of this one….they smartest choice is to supplication out honestly on the grounds that now they presumably confronting life off that fin….so yea assuming I was them I’d release it”

In the interim, on Twitter, many have remarked with regards to this issue. @Q_Tha_Goon has tweeted: “Damn they done grabbed up luh half and jizzle… .they ain’t playing no mo,” @Chrissieee__ says: “Jizzle and Luh half are done haha”.

Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half Faces Guns and Drugs Charges Rappers Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half will come up against major indictments for conveying an unlawful medication and a firearm.

Whenever indicted, the couple will be condemned for fentanyl dealing for over 74 months. Moreover, the Illegal ownership of a Firearm would take them no less than 10 years in jail.

In 2020, Buckz had almost lost his opportunity subsequent to being accused of a wrongdoing. The St. Louis rapper promised to transform him and spotlight on music subsequent to doing time in jail. He has shared his prosperity story in a selective meeting quite a while back. He was accused of completing three homicides.

Who Are Rappers Jizzle Buckz And Luh Half? Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half are melodic specialists from St Louis. The genuine name of Jizzle Buckz is Rejay, while Luh Half is generally known from his stage name as it were.

Discussing their works, Half is most popular for his introduction mixtape Halfway There. He has such countless well known tunes like Hood Memories, Nah, Wanna Be Rich, Solo Bolo, Run It Up, Mrs. Halftime, and so forth. The rapper has a sum of 126k supporters on Youtube.

Additionally, Jizzle Buckz’s tunes incorporate Choppaz and Brickz, Whats Next, Trappin’ ‘n Traffic, Jump, all day, and some more.

As per Buckz’s profile on Spotify, his most recent venture, Jizzle Bucket List, is set to take his vocation higher than ever. He has 10.1K supporters on Youtube.