Who Is Firecityfunk? Details On The Artist Behind The Trending TikTok Song Surrender To Me


Firecityfunk, otherwise known as Zach Montana, posted a TikTok recording of himself sticking to his dad’s kid track, Surrender To Me, in his vehicle on January 4, 2022. He never anticipated that it should circulate around the web in view of the melody.

Montana circulated around the web on TikTok, and the tune immediately turned into a fan top choice because of his unsuspecting and funk-R&B feel. They mentioned for the full form of the tune to be delivered, and it was delivered on February 3.


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Who Is Firecityfunk? Meet The Artist Behind Surrender To Me TikTok Song Firecityfunk is a sprouting artist and musician. He has more than 69.8k blossoms on TikTok and just about 2 million preferences. He generally posts TikTok recordings of himself playing a tune on his guitar.

Firecityfunk before long uncovered that his father, William “Wavy” Smith, is the craftsman behind the tune. He composed and recorded the tune 43 years prior. His dad had worked with artists like Boston, Belinda Carlisle, Steve Ray Vaughan, Willie Nelson, and Jo Gunne.

Montana is seen sitting inside his vehicle when he acquainted TikTokers with the Surrender To Me melody. He uncovered that he is frantic at his father for never delivering the melody.

Firecityfunk previously posted the video when he had around 10k adherents. He nodded off that evening not contemplating it, in any case, when he woke up the following day, his video previously had large number of perspectives.

Not long after the melody became famous online, A-rundown artists and entertainers, for example, Herman Li and Meghan Trainor remarked on the video. Anthony Fantano, a music pundit called the track a banger.

Give up To Me TikTok Song Becomes Viral On TikTok The Surrender To Me tune was posted on TikTok on January 5, 2022, where Firecityfunk requested that individuals explode the melody so he can persuade his father to deliver the tune.

The viral track has multiple million perspectives and 868.3k preferences. It was made by his father, and it was an unreleased melody.

The R&B pop tune got delivered under the moniker FireCityFunk on February 3.

@zach.montana Guys PLEASE blow this up to convince my dad to release this song🤯#dadsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Zach🐝

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Is Firecityfunk On Wikipedia? Firecityfunk isn’t on Wikipedia. Notwithstanding, one can learn about the performer on a few Wiki-bio pages. He is at present learning at Arizona State University.

The artist’s genuine name is Zach Montana. His present age is 19 years, reports The Guardian.