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Mike Maddux and Greg Maddux are names that one can’t forget without any problem.

Both have been eminent MLB pitchers and presently are mentors to the forthcoming expert baseball competitors.


Mike was in MLB for nine groups more than 15 seasons. He is presently the pitching mentor for the St. Louis Cardinals.

In the interim, Greg is a record-holding previous MLB pitcher who investigated the University of Nevada, Las Vegas ball club. He was drafted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on January 8, 2014.

Born: August 27, 1961 
Dayton, Ohio
Batted: Left
Threw: Right

Mike Maddux And Greg Maddux Are Related As They Are Brothers Mike Maddux and Greg Maddux are blood-related and are brothers. Mike is the oldest brother, having been born on August 27, 1961, in Dayton, Ohio.

In the mean time, his more youthful brother was born on April 14, 1966, in San Angelo, Texas. The Maddux brothers divide around four years of an age distinctions among them.

As a senior brother, Mike was first drafted to MLB in 1982. The two had been preparing under the MLB scout Ralph Meder since early on.

Mike and Greg both have followed on the profession way of investigating school baseball as mentors, another similitude in their various lives.

What Is Greg Maddux Doing Now? Greg Maddux was the ball club’s mentor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The previous pitcher was recruited as an associate baseball trainer for the group on July 6, 2016.

He served in the place of a pitching mentor for a very long time.

His child, Chase, was a pitcher for the Rebels and moved on from UNLV in 2021.

Then again, Greg is dynamic via virtual entertainment, particularly on Twitter imparting his commitment to different associations.

Meet Greg Maddux Wife And Family Details Greg Maddux is hitched to his secondary school darling, Kathy Maddux. The two have two youngsters; a little girl named Paige and a child named Chase.

Paige is very notable among Greg’s fans as she is open in media as a giver.

She moved on from the University of San Diego, California, with a degree in charitable Leadership and Management, Media studies, and Communications.

Similarly, Chase’s competitor profile on UNLV’s site recommends that he was born in Atlanta on April 7, 1997. He studied neighborliness the executives and is right now seeking after an expert’s from UNLV in metropolitan authority.

More On Mike Maddux Wife and Family Details Mike Maddux is likewise a settled man, having hitched his significant other Lise for a long time. Lise is from Portland, Oregon, where she went to Laurelwood Academy and Portland State University.

She is the secretary for the Mike Maddux Foundation, situated in Las Vegas, NV. Her significant other Mike established the Maddux Foundation in October 2000 to assist under-special youngsters with getting dental and vision care.

Mike and Lise have two little girls, Lexie and Makayla. Player Wives composes that Makayla Maddux goes to Texas Christian while her sister Lexie Maddux goes to Southern Methodist.

The entire Maddux family has seldom shared the whole family pictures. Notwithstanding, they are near one another, refering to the senior Dave and Linda’s spotted parental direction.