Who Is Alsu Valieva? Kamila Valieva Mother Makes Comment As The Investigation On The Skier Continues

Kamila Valieva has been a subject of conversation after she was blamed for drug use. In any case, as the examination pushes ahead, her mom, Alsu Valieva, has been safeguarding her youngster.

She as of late uncovered some stunning truth about the skier. Her assertion has made numerous netizens keep thinking about whether the 15-year-old has a heart condition.


How Treated Valieva Say?Alsu Valieva said that her little girl takes hypoxen due to a heart variety. Her 15 years of age kid, Kamila, has been encircled by debate in the wake of being observed positive in a medication test.

As indicated by a report introduced at the Court of Arbitration for Sport, hypoxen was one of three medications recognized in an example gathered from her on December 25, which may all be utilized to treat heart conditions.

One of different drugs identified in the example, trimetazidine, is on an antidoping official’s rundown of denied substances. She was suspended from the Olympics after the medication test results yet later reestablished.

Her legal advisor claims she unexpectedly consumed the medication through her granddad, who involves it for heart issues. Furthermore, her attorneys asserted that she could have tasted from a similar glass as him.

The matter has turned sketchy as her mom’s assertion proposes that she experiences some sort of heart condition, and her lawyer has guaranteed that she consumed it accidentally.

Kamila Aalieva Mother Alsu Valieva Age and Family Details To Follow
Alsu Valieva’s age and family subtleties are not given on the web. Nonetheless, she is the mother of a Russian professional skater, Kamila Alieva.

She plays had a colossal influence in forming the profession of her girl. She brought forth Kamila on April 26, 2006, in Kazan, Russia.

She put her in aerobatic, artful dance, and figure skating courses when she was youthful. In any case, when her little girl turned five, she urged her to zero in totally on skating.

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Alsu Valieva Skier Daughter Is Under Investigation-What Happened? Alsu Valieva is in the guard group after her little girl is being scrutinized for conceivable medication use. There were three unique medications found in her blood test. And every last bit of it is utilized for execution improvement.

The US Anti-Doping Agency’s CEO, Travis Tygart, expressed that consolidating the three seems, by all accounts, to be “pointed toward upgrading perseverance, limiting sluggishness, and empowering more productivity in oxygen use.”

The examination is continuous, however she has been permitted to contend in the Olympics, reports USA Today.