Puff Puff Pass Nicki Minaj Song Tiktok Song Lyrics: Meaning And Viral Trend

Many arising specialists have acquired acclaim and fame prior to delivering their melody authoritatively through TikTok. It’s an or more point for them that their tune is getting viral in a brief time frame.

At all, the new tune that has gone on-pattern on the stage, TikTok, once more. Have you at any point observed TikTok exhausting? We bet you say, Not, TikTok accompanies recent fads and difficulties consistently, and the content of the TikTokers is continuously engaging. A considerable lot of you are fixated on TikTok, correct? We for the most part invest our energy looking down Instagram and TikTok.


Allow us directly to leap to the most recent pattern on TikTok I.E Puff Pass Song, which is named New Body and made by Kanye West and highlighted Nicki Minaj, and Ty Dolla Sign in the track.

Puff Pass Nicki Minaj’s Song Is Getting Hype On TikTok The melody Puff Pass is named New Body, which is sung and composed, by Kanye West ft. Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign.

Numerous TikTokers were transferring recordings with the pattern and earning distinction and notoriety around the world. One client named @ayoforthesoul has made a video pursuing the direction #puffpuffpass. She has gotten 2170 preferences and 22 likes up to this point. The video has been seen 18.5k occasions by the watchers. Would you be able to trust it?

Another client named @eriaaan has amassed 7102 preferences and 61 remarks. The progress and playing “puff pass” ensemble part behind the scenes is moving. Puff Pass Lyrics And Meaning Explained Below The tune title is New Body, and the ensemble Puff Pass is getting a buzz on Tiktok. Here you can gain proficiency with the full verses at the given connection.

The ongoing lyrics trend is explained below:

“I busts shots, don’t duck unless the shoes fits (Ooh)

Cookie game make me the G.O.A.T, cookie game come with the throat

Puff-Puff Pass, man, you do not want the smoke

b***hes be sleepin’ on me, but be claimin’ they woke (Ooh)

f^^k up a check on my body (Hahaha)

Then let them lick on my body out in Abu Dhabi (Grr)

You see me shinin’, you pissed

@ayoforthesoul #puffpuffpass #nickiminaj #viral #fyp ♬ original sound – AnytawithaY

What is going on with Puff Pass? Indeed, It is a shoptalk expression utilized in the pot business. Puff Pass Trend And Fans Reactions Over The Videos On the off chance that you search Puff Pass on the pursuit bar, you can watch huge loads of recordings on TikTok.

The recorded recordings are shared on YouTube also. You can make one and see the responses and remarks from the watchers on the off chance that you’re searching for a recent fad. Remain at home and remain sound.