What did Mads Lewis do? Scar Girl accuses TikToker of bullying after mockery video goes viral

The Scar Young lady, Annie, as of late blamed Mads Lewis for tormenting her in one of her new TikTok recordings. The entirety of this occurred after Madison, a well known TikToker, transferred a video where she made a scar like Scar Young lady all over and did a speedy “Prepare With Me” video.

Later in the video, she was additionally seen with an underlying N-like example on her brow, which is the sort of jewelry Scar Young lady frequently wears in her recordings.

The video, which as of now has just about 2 million perspectives on it, has the inscription:

In any case, soon after Mads Lewis transferred the video, Scar Young lady Otherwise known as Annie made a video on the equivalent, keeping Mads’ video behind the scenes, and hers toward the front. In the video transferred by Annie, she appears to be miserable about the way that Mads made a scar very much like her to savage harasser her. She subtitled the video:

Not long after the disaster, netizens assumed control over the matter and started showering support for Scar Young lady, as many felt that Mads had gone too far, and she shouldn’t have taunted Annie and her scar in the video. One web-based entertainment client remarked on how Annie doesn’t merit it, saying:

Moreover, others likewise felt that the TikToker shouldn’t have made such a video, adding that what she did was off-base.

Moreover, numerous others additionally remarked on Mads Lewis’ video, and said that the joke was unseemly.

Nonetheless, Mads before long explained that she didn’t plan to ridicule Scar Young lady in the video, and it was not aimed at anybody explicit. In the now-erased video, she additionally discussed her scars, as she said:

“I don’t actually conceal them, I don’t actually obscure them out. They are somewhat there. You can see them, yet they are scars and they do blur. What’s more, I have gotten things done to make them blur.”

In a new video transferred by Annie Otherwise known as The Scar Young lady, she demonstrated the way that her scar can’t be eliminated even with cosmetics removers and moist disposable clothes. Annie, with in excess of 570,000 devotees on the stage, took to TikTok to post the story behind her scar. She guaranteed that everything occurred in Walk 2020, when she was harmed and got a mark all over.

Guaranteeing how she got this blackish scar because of a response to an effective, she said:

“Sadly I had an unfortunate response to the main effective I attempted trying to blur it. I was messy applying it too and this prompted a more extended injury. I was in a dim spot realizing that it was currently much more terrible. I needed to stand by until that completely mended to begin a second treatment which I started in regal. From that point forward, this treatment has been really obtrusive and I can’t underline the aggravation coordinated around that injury. It’s where it really looks gross, it has risen and it’s scabbed over.”
Moreover, in numerous different recordings, Annie states that she awakens day to day with a lot of disdain remarks, however she attempts to be positive by taking a gander at the reassuring messages and remarks all things considered.

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