The Flash Family Will Try To Save Wally West in DC’s SPEED METAL

The Flash Family races to spare Wally West from the Batman Who Laughs in a high-octane trek through a whole-world destroying DC Universe.

Wally West’s life has gotten confounded without a doubt. He’s been captured for homicide subsequent to enduring a psychological breakdown and murdering a few saints, pulled once more into the Speed Force, and now, has clearly become the new Doctor Manhattan. On the off chance that that weren’t sufficient, it appears that Wally is being focused by the Batman Who Laughs! Presently, the Flash family is putting it all out there to spare their companion.

Dim Nights: Death Metal Speed Metal #1 (composed by Joshua Williamson with craftsmanship by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira and a spread by Howard Porter) will show the endeavors of the speedsters to spare Wally and stop the Batman Who Laughs from picking up the forces of Doctor Manhattan. The one-shot will put after Dark Nights: Death Metal #3 nearby two other one-shots – Dark Nights: Death Metal: Trinity Crisis and Dark Nights: Death Metal: Speed Metal.

Depicted as a “race from damnation”, the one-shot will see the different speedsters aligned with one objective – to spare Wally West, maybe from both himself and the Batman Who Laughs. Luckily, Wally West has not one, not two but rather three Flashes in his corner. Barry Allen, the current, Flash will lead the trio, with a help from Wally’s other timetable partner Wallace West, the present Kid Flash, close by the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick. Tragically, the Batman what laughs’ identity is never to be beaten, and the spread appears to demonstrate the four Flashes (counting Wally) on the run from many what seem to be zombie Flashes, who are obviously the Lightning Knights. The spread likewise shows Batman Who Laughs posing a potential threat out of sight. The entirety of the Flashes are boosting new outfit refreshes, fitting Death Metal’s hard rock post-end of the world.

The one-shot seems to be an exciting race for Flash fans, and it’s great to see such huge numbers of ages of the character in play here, including fan-top picks West and Garrick. Given that Wally was most recently seen attempting to complete Doctor Manhattan’s work of resetting reality, it appears to be likely that Wally West will assume a major job in Death Metal, or maybe, fixing the contorted reality the Batman Who Laughs has released by and large. While the story is to some degree constrained in how much ground it can cover in a forty-eight-page one-shot, the stage has been set for a magnificent race between the powers of good and wickedness. Exactly who will cross the end goal is not yet clear.

Dim Nights: Death Metal Speed Metal #1 is in stores on September 22, 2020.