Fuller House Star Defends Poking Fun At Michelle’s Absence

Fuller House star Andrea Barber, who conveyed the show’s last joke about Michelle in the Netflix side project safeguards making jokes about the Olsens’ nonappearance.

Andrea Barber protects Fuller House’s jokes about Michelle’s nonattendance. At the point when Netflix’s Full House continuation arrangement was greenlit, the vast majority of the first cast individuals were affirmed to show up – aside from the most youthful Tanner sister. Throughout the years, fans trusted that by one way or another, she’ll appear in any way, yet even as the arrangement wrapped up, Michelle is still no place to be seen.


Played then again by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in Full House, the character was essential in the show’s stories. On account of the twins’ ideal comedic timing and appeal, Michelle immediately turned into a fan-top pick, no big surprise watchers were anticipating rejoining with her in Fuller House. The Olsens’ nonattendance was not for the absence of attempting from the side project’s creatives. Show maker Jeff Franklin, just as arrangement star and maker John Stamos, were open about their endeavors to persuade the sisters to participate in the task, yet with no karma. Obviously, while Ashley didn’t have any goal of returning before the camera, Mary-Kate quickly thought about the gig at the end of the day said no thanks to it.

Rather than thinking about Michelle’s nonattendance, Fuller House selected to utilize it as the object of a few jokes in its five-year-run. The last one was conveyed by Kimmy (Barber) in the penultimate scene as she, DJ (Candace Cameron-Bure), and Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) scavenge through their old stuff in the house’s loft for their weddings’ “something old” and “something acquired.” Kimmy recognizes Michelle’s bicycle and asks her companions when they will dispose of it in light of the fact that, if their sister hadn’t got it yet, she wasn’t coming while at the same time looking directly to the camera. It’s a meta-remark, advising watchers to not get their expectations up about Michelle appearing. It drew giggles, yet not every person is actually excited with these punches. By the by, Barber safeguards them in an ongoing meeting with TV Line:

“Michelle gets at any rate one little jab for each season, so we needed to do it one final time. It’s not intended to be mean, clearly. It’s all well-meaning, feeling great. We make jokes about everyone.”

Fuller House’s clarification of Michelle’s nonattendance mines motivation from the Olsens’ genuine activity as proprietors of brands like The Row and Elizabeth and James. Obviously, the motivation behind why the most youthful Tanner sister is never around is on the grounds that she’s currently situated in New York where she runs her design realm. Fans purchased the clarification, however it got progressively hard to accept that Michelle couldn’t take whenever off to go through extraordinary minutes with her family considering the center guideline of both Full House and its side project. In the long run, Fuller House quit attempting to remember her for their accounts with Danny (Bob Saget) in any event, saying something about Kimmy assuming control over her spot as his third little girl. The Netflix arrangement didn’t give a clarification of why Michelle’s not going to her sisters’ wedding – indeed, she’s not referenced in the last season with the exception of that last Kimmy punch, which is clearly baffling for faithful fans.

Conceded that there’s thin to no possibility of the Olsens boarding Fuller House, the Netflix arrangement could’ve discovered different approaches to join Michelle other than ridiculing her. Out of its five seasons, she’s just referenced a bunch of times, and most cases, it was essentially to make a meta-remark about the twins declining to repeat the job. On the off chance that anything, they could’ve at any rate been progressively proactive in considering her in the last season – maybe she deals with her sisters’ wedding dresses since she’s a style planner. They could’ve arranged a call where she regretfully advises them that she can’t be home on DJ and Stephanie’s big day.