How Did Shannon Schieber Die? Shannon Schieber Murder: Where Is Troy Graves Now?


The city of Philadelphia was staggered into quietness when Shannon Schieber was seen as mercilessly assaulted and killed in her condo. A neighbor heard sobs for help and called the police, yet it was past the point of no return as her aggressor had effectively gotten away. Examination Discovery’s ‘Kin Magazine Investigates: Terror in Philadelphia’ accounts the deplorable wrongdoing and shows how the resulting examination dealt with the culprit. We should delve into the case subtleties and discover where the culprit is as of now, will we?

How Did Shannon Schieber Die? 23-year-old Shannon Schieber was infatuated with life and anticipating moving on from college. She was a business understudy at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and was very famous in her companions’ circle. Viewed as benevolent, agreeable, and consistently grinning, Shannon’s inconvenient and shocking end is still new on the personalities of her friends and family.

The evening of her homicide, Shannon was reading up for a significant impending test in her Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, condo. She even had plans to meet her brother the next day prior to going to Maryland to be with her folks. In any case, her fantasies were mercilessly crushed when an assailant broke into her room and started a stunning attack. Albeit the aggressor figured out how to choke Shannon before she could shout without holding back, a neighbor heard her underlying cries.

He quickly thumped on her entryway and yelled out that he was calling the police, yet got no answer. Stressed, the neighbor called 911, and albeit two officials raced to the site, they left following a couple of moments when they got no reaction. It is hazy if separating the entryway could have saved the understudy’s life as once the police at last figured out how to get inside the condo, Shannon was perished, and her aggressor was a distant memory.

After looking into it further, specialists assembled that Shannon was assaulted and choked to death. The screen to her second-floor deck was constrained open, and specialists accepted the aggressor entered and left like that. Additionally, the police were likewise ready to accumulate unfamiliar DNA tests from the crime location, which they thought had a place with the killer.

Who Killed Shannon Schieber? Albeit as indicated by the show, Shannon’s family was very angry with how specialists took care of the underlying emergency call, not entirely set in stone to make quick work of her homicide and deal with the culprit. Nonetheless, it took officials four years to decide and chase down her killer. Tragically, the DNA proof officials gathered from the homicide scene didn’t match the ones in the police information base, giving a transitory misfortune. Plus, there weren’t a great deal of prompts circle back to, and albeit the show referenced that Philadelphia saw one more assault in August of 1999, specialists tracked down not a really obvious explanation to speculate an association.

In 2001, the city of Fort Collins in Colorado unexpectedly started confronting a huge expansion in assault cases, particularly around the Colorado State University region. After additional examination, the police captured Troy Graves, a speculated chronic attacker. Around then, Troy was hitched, and the couple dwelled only a couple of squares from the Colorado State University. Also, Troy was utilized at the F.E. Warren Air Force Base as a support laborer on rocket storehouses.

It just so happens, officials discovered that Troy had lived in Philadelphia prior to moving to Fort Collins. In this manner, with his DNA test in their position, officials matched it to a few violations just to observe that he was liable for Shannon Schieber’s homicide as well as a few different assaults in Philadelphia between 1997 to 1999. DNA proof likewise attached him to six assaults he had submitted in and around the Fort Collins region in 2001. Hence, with concrete criminological proof against Troy, he was accused of numerous assaults as well as the assault and murder of Shannon Schieber.

Where Could Troy Graves Now be? Troy Graves had two separate preliminaries in 2002, one in Pennsylvania and one in Colorado. He conceded to all charges in the two preliminaries and, thus, was condemned to different life sentences without any chance to appeal in the two states. Strangely, Shannon’s folks wouldn’t go for capital punishment. Accordingly, Troy was approached to serve his time in Colorado because of him having conceded first there and at present is carrying on with his life in a correctional facility at the Colorado State Penitentiary in Fremont County, Colorado.