Too Hot to Handle season 4 couples: Are they still together?

Excessively hot season 4’s finale broadcasted on Netflix on Wednesday, December 14 at 03.01 am ET.

While Dominique, Imogen, Nigel, and Shawn neglected to make any genuine associations on the show, they were steady of the three couples who were still attached by and by. They were:

James and BrittanKayla and SebJawahir and Nick Jawahir and Nick won the opposition and a monetary reward of $89,000 together. In the last five episodes, Flavia, Ethan, and Doctrine were sent home by Lana in the wake of neglecting to shape any genuine associations with some other individual from the cast.

With season 4 of Excessively hot done and cleaned, watchers are interested to realize which couples from the show are still attached. On that note, we should investigate the couples who have figured out how to endure for an extremely long period:

Excessively hot season 4 couples: Finalists Kayla and Seb appear to in any case be together James and Brittan James and Brittan’s relationship got going on strong ground, yet the previous got too associated with saving the award asset and checking the actual connections of different hopefuls. That was when Brittan chose to date Ethan. In any case, she figured out how to restore her relationship with James by the finale.

James and Brittan have still not affirmed or denied their relationship but rather have been posting remarks on one another’s Instagram posts. Brittan remarked “We really do cherish him” with a heart emoticon on James’ December 15 post. James likewise posted some coy remarks on two of Brittan’s posts as of late.


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Other than that, both James and Brittan posted Instagram stories on December 14 independently, with both their areas being something very similar, the Regular History Gallery.

Jawahir and Nick Nick and Jawahir associated with one another right from the outset of the show. Jawahir got somewhat diverted by novice Shawn in the later episodes yet had the option to rapidly bond with Nick once more.

Champs of Ridiculously hot season 4, Jawahir and Nick have additionally not explained their relationship status, but rather Jawahir expressed “Mr. Kici” on Nick’s Instagram post from December 15. In May 2022, the two of them shared an Instagram post in Indonesia checking a similar cascade out.

Kayla and Seb After a bombed heartfelt undertaking with Nigel, Kayla chose to date Seb from the get-go in the show. The pair were the show’s finalists alongside Jawahir-Nick.

In light of their Instagram remarks on one another’s posts, their relationship is by all accounts more grounded than at any other time. Kayla remarked “Crazy” and a fire emoticon on Seb’s December 14 post. Seb likewise remarked “Corr?” on one of Kayla’s December 14 Instagram posts.

Despite the fact that the pair won no cash, Kayla expressed: “We might not have won yet I assume I actually win since I have the best man here. Cash is not difficult to make, love is hard to find.”What happened to different couples on Ridiculously hot season 4?Creed and Flavia

Doctrine was at first drawn to Sophie however chose to sever things with her after Flavia’s late appearance. The pair was doing fine for quite a while, however at that point Statement of faith developed more drawn to another newbie, Imogen. In light of Ideology’s powerlessness to clutch a relationship, he was approached to leave Excessively hot.


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Flavia was angry with Ideology for playing with her sentiments however posted a few accounts of spending time with him, Nigel, and Seb in London’s Colder time of year Wonderland. Statement of faith likewise remarked “She is stunning” on one of Flavia’s new Instagram posts. It is indistinct assuming they are simply companions or on the other hand in the event that they reconnected sincerely behind the scenes.

Dominique and Nigel Nigel and Dominique had an unpleasant beginning on Excessively hot as the previous was likewise playing with Kayla at that point. In the later episodes, Kayla chose to date Seb and Dominique fortified with Nigel.

Regardless of numerous endeavors, the pair couldn’t foster areas of strength for an association. By the finale, they had isolated. It doesn’t appear as though they reconnected after the shooting of the show. All episodes of Excessively hot season 4 are currently accessible on Netflix.