Who is John Barnett? Where is John Barnett Now?


Starting towards the finish of 2018, the Boeing Company was buried in contention because of two horrendous airplanes crashes that brought about very nearly 350 individuals passing on. Netflix’s Downfall: The Case Against Boeing’ dives into the story behind these mishaps and how the casualties’ families were impacted. Additionally highlighted are a portion of Boeing’s previous representatives that charge the organization’s creation was not sufficient. One of them was John Barnett, who worked for Boeing for north of 30 years. Anyway, we should discover more with regards to him then, at that point, will we?

Who is John Barnett? John Barnett was utilized by Boeing for over thirty years, seven of which he spent in their North Charleston, South Carolina, plant. In 2010, he was moved there from Everett, Washington, to fill in as a quality supervisor. Nonetheless, during his time there, John asserted there were numerous issues with creation. At a certain point, he professed to have seen metal bits on wirings that controlled flight orders. While John enlightened his managers, he expressed they overlooked him, essentially moving him to one more piece of the creation plant.


John later said, “As a quality director at Boeing, you’re the last line of guard before an imperfection makes it out to the flying public, and I haven’t seen a plane out of Charleston yet that I’d place my name on saying it’s protected and airworthy.” Furthermore, in 2016, John expressed that while decommissioning oxygen frameworks that had minor shallow harm, he saw no less than 25% of them didn’t fill in as they should. Regardless of carrying it to the Federal Aviation Association’s consideration, no further move was made.

As per numerous specialists from Boeing, the upper administration on occasion underemphasized or disregarded issues too. For another upsetting turn of events, John asserted, “Assuming we have flawed parts, and we don’t have any more new parts in stock, then, at that point, the repairman took a blemished part and set it on a plane since they need to finish their occupation for that day, not pondering the drawn out repercussions of it.” He affirmed that the specialists were frequently under tension, and the organization turned out to be more with regards to speed and cost-cutting rather than wellbeing.

Where could John Barnett Now be? The Louisiana local in the end resigned from Boeing in 2017. Starting at 2019, John documented a claim against Boeing, blaming the organization for “slandering his personality and hampering his vocation on account of the issues he called attention to, at last prompting his retirement.” In another meeting, he likewise discussed provocation at the work environment because of all of this and how he managed mental breakdowns. From that point forward, John has stayed under the radar, with his most recent area being South Carolina, where he worked for Boeing.