Who Is Sarah Vercauteren? Where Is Sarah Vercauteren Now?

Sarah Vercauteren imparted a mind blowing relationship to her mom, Dawn Marie Vercauteren. Thus, it was really stunning when Sarah was blamed for clubbing Dawn absurdly with a mallet. Examination Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Broken Ties’ draws a clear image of the merciless homicide and graphs the resulting examination, which fixed the net around Sarah. How about we investigate this interesting case and discover where Sarah is as of now, will we?

Who Is Sarah Vercauteren? The most youthful girl of Dawn Vercautaren, Sarah had an ideal life. She got along nicely at school, was well known, and was even adored unequivocally by her love ones. Nonetheless, Sarah changed totally while in secondary school as she fell in with an off-base group who acquainted her with drugs. The show referenced that by her late youngsters, Sarah had as of now taken to substance misuse and was a consistent client of heroin.


First light was frightened at such a turn of events and gave her all to assist her girl with breaking out of it. The show specifies that Sarah even had a go at seeking a path toward recovery yet was ineffective in disposing of her propensity. As it turns out, Dawn was Sarah’s most critical help all through her battles with chronic drug use. She never left her girl’s side and, surprisingly, upheld her when Sarah turned into a mother to her child, Skyler, in 2011.

Despite the fact that Dawn and her significant other, Larry, isolated around this time, Dawn didn’t allow the separation to interfere with her and her little girl. In this manner, Sarah, alongside her kid and mom, moved to a trailer home in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Things even started gazing upward as Sarah got some work and begun acquiring to help the family. In any case, inconvenience before long popped up, and Sarah got herself engaged with siphoning cash from her working environment to fuel her illicit drug use.

First light was likewise arriving at the finish of her understanding and concluded she needed to take a hard position while managing her girl. In this manner, when Sarah mentioned her mom’s vehicle on December 31, 2013, Dawn through and through denied. The dismissal made Sarah fly into a wild fury, and the young lady snatched a mallet and started pummeling Dawn ridiculously. In the wake of hitting Dawn multiple times, Sarah hauled her to a restroom and channel taped her. Be that as it may, the more established lady wasn’t dead yet, and along these lines, Sarah attempted to choke her mom with her own hands.

Where Could Sarah Vercauteren Now be? While Sarah killed her mom without a second thought, her child, Skyler, was available in the following room. With Dawn dead, she took her child and escaped the region in the wake of taking a couple hundred dollars of her mom’s cash. For the following week, Dawn’s body lay unseen in her home while Sarah spent her days at an inn, utilizing her mom’s telephone to keep up the misrepresentation of her being alive. In any case, Dawn’s collaborators were worried about her missing work and hence reached Larry to monitor his ex.

Accordingly, Larry was quick to find Dawn’s dead body, following which the police reached out and started a statewide manhunt for Sarah. Reports guarantee that Sarah attempted to burglarize a bank in Versailles, Pennsylvania, on January 7, 2014. Be that as it may, policemen at long last found her when she was captured at a traffic light in McKeesport for letting her kid be in the vehicle. Once in care, she admitted to killing her mom and appeared to be very repentant of her activities.

At her 2016 preliminary, she acknowledged a supplication bargain and confessed to first-degree murder in return for life in jail without the chance for further appeal. In jail, Sarah at long last chosen to turn her life around and started pushing against the maltreatment of substances and medications. In spite of the fact that she attempted to challenge her sentence, she at last fizzled and is as of now imprisoned at the SCI Cambridge Springs in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania.