Who Was Styllou Pantopiou Christofi? Is Styllou Pantopiou Christofi Dead or Alive?


Styllou Pantopiou Christofi was indicted for killing her girl in-regulation in 1954 and turned into the penultimate lady to be hanged in Britain. Curiously, Christofi, a Cyprus local, confronted a random homicide allegation back in her nation of origin prior to moving to the United Kingdom in 1953. Examination Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Broken Ties’ narratives the frightful homicide and features how Christofi turned out to be condemned to death. We should dive into the subtleties of this case and discover more with regards to Christofi, will we?

Who Was Styllou Pantopiou Christofi? Christofi was a Cyprus local and, as per the show, grew up without conventional training. Hailing from a little town, she was accused of homicide in 1925 when specialists associated her with killing her mother by marriage by pushing a lit light down the casualty’s throat. In spite of the fact that she was created in court, the show referenced that Christofi was at last cleared of all charges. In 1941, Christofi’s child left for England and looking for employment as a server at a renowned dance club. He even met and become friends with German design model Hella Bleicher, and the two secured the bunch before long.


Picture Credit: Anthony S/Find A Grave In 1953, Christofi chose to rejoin with her child and in this manner, made a trip to Britain and settled down in her child’s home. In any case, Christofi observed it trying to change in accordance with city life, and her absence of communicated in English abilities didn’t help all things considered. Additionally, there was inconvenience up close and personal as Christofi didn’t coexist well with Hella. The evening of July 29, 1954, Christofi ran into the roads of her area, arguing for help. In broken English, she figured out how to clarify that she tracked down Hella ablaze, and her body appeared to be totally inert and firm.

Neighbors before long called the police, who showed up, trusting it to be a mishap. In any case, bloodstains inside the house before long raised their doubt. The show even referenced how a neighbor approached and guaranteed that he saw Christofi burning down an article (the neighbor didn’t realize that it was a human body as of then, at that point). When the fire was extinguished and Hella’s expired body recuperated, officials saw that she had obtuse power injury to her head as well as proof of strangulation on her neck. In this manner, persuaded of unfairness, Christofi was captured and accused of Hella’s homicide.

Is Styllou Pantopiou Christofi Dead or Alive? Styllou Pantopiou Christofi has since passed as Britain executed her for the homicide of her little girl in-regulation. Indeed, even after her capture, Christofi demanded her blamelessness, yet the police didn’t buy into a similar view. As indicated by the show, they asserted that Christofi hit Hella on the head with a weighty item prior to choking her and setting the cadaver ablaze.

When delivered in court, Christofi was indicted for homicide and condemned to death. Accordingly, on December 13, 1954, Christofi was hanged to death at London’s Holloway Prison. In spite of the fact that Christofi died a sentenced killer, reports in 2019 guaranteed that her not entirely settled to excuse his grandma’s name and get her equity.